Correct planning and installation of a fire detection and alarm system is essential to the finished product working correctly within its environment.

This starts with the initial design, followed by the installation, the commissioning and the maintenance of the system making sure that it complies with the current BS5839-1 or BS5839-6 standards.

Depending on your requirements we offer a range of services from:

  • Design, Supply, Install and Commission

  • Design, Supply and Commission

  • Commission only

On completion, a full commissioning test will take place, with a fully functioning demonstration to all end users, so everyone involved can have complete confidence in operating the completed system.

Services and Maintenance

It is essential that your fire detection and alarm system is serviced at regular intervals to ensure that any faults are identified and preventative measures can be taken to ensure the continued reliability of the system.

Regular inspection and servicing need to be carried out by a person/company with specialist knowledge of fire detection and alarm systems. This must also cover knowledge of the causes of false alarms and the company must be able to provide the required spare parts for the numerous systems that are available on the market.

As an independent company, Constant Fire & Electrical Limited has the ability to successfully service and maintain all equipment supplied to the fire detection and alarm industry, regardless of whether or not we were involved in the initial installation.

Constant Fire & Electrical Limited is able to offer the following levels of Service Contract Plans:
Standard Contract

  • Preventative maintenance visits – quantity of visits in accordance with relevant British Standards or by agreement.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Facility – Engineer call out attendance is charged at extra to this contract but at agreed contract rates.

  • 4 to 6 hour call out response

  • All replacement parts and associated labour to replace/repair parts are charged extra as per contracted rates, unless covered by manufacturers’ warranty.

  • All routine testing & inspections on site are to be undertaken in normal working hours.

  • Comprehensive Contract

As standard but fully inclusive of the following:

  • Any replacement parts due to equipment failure included within this cover.

  • Software & Firmware upgrades of equipment as released by the manufacturers.

System Modifications

Over the course of a fire alarm system’s life, (about 10 years) a building’s layout or required levels of protection often change. This is where Constant Fire & Electrical Limited’s independence is a real advantage because our vast experience means we can undertake small works like moving a smoke detector or call point, to control panel relocations or complete system upgrades of all manufacturers’ equipment.

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