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What is Solar PV?

What is Solar PVSolar Photovoltaic systems - Solar PV for short - generate electrical energy by converting light via rooftop mounted Solar PV panels. This energy can be used to power light bulbs, household appliances and other electrical equipment without the need for conventional electrical energy. As an energy source, (Solar PV) technology is increasingly becoming an option that businesses, public sector organisations and property owners are turning to.

How can YOU Save Money?

savingsThe basic benefit of Solar PV is the reduced need for conventional electricity from a power company. The rise in energy bills over the last few years has led more people to look at alternative means to provide their energy needs.

Solar PV's place as one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources available is due to the fact that not only can adopters reduce their energy bills, but they can also receive annual income payments through a government initiative called the Feed-in-Tariff. This initiative rewards Solar PV users for every unit of energy generated and also energy generated and not used.

This measurement is calculated as the energy from the Solar PV system passes through an OFGEM accredited photovoltaic meter. Based on the current Feed-in-Tariff on a 3kWp system, you could potentially save up to £540 on your energy bills per year.

Why Choose Constant Fire & Electrical?

MCS LogoConstant Fire and Electrical provide property owners in Sussex with bespoke Solar PV energy solutions so that not only can you generate your own electricity, but you can also get paid for it!

Additionally, to qualify for the Feed-in-Tariff, your system MUST be installed by a MCS accredited installer. As an MCS accredited installer, all our installations will qualify for the Feed-in-Tariff.

CFE offers a comprehensive Solar Photovoltaic service across the South of England. Our engineers are experts with Solar PV technology and have worked on a number of commercial and domestic renewable energy projects. We can provide a full-service solution including solar PV system design, supply, installation and maintenance.

We partner with the leading Solar PV manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the best available products at the best possible price.

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